Cecilie O

Cecilie Okada is an award winning, versatile Scandinavian textile designer, surface pattern designer, illustrator and graphic designer with international experience. Professional practice since 1998. Experienced in custom design across a wide spectrum of design and illustration requirements.

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It's about what inspires my textile and surface pattern design work— the stories, my design processes, the art and design that I love, and my favorite creative tool, meditation.

Cecilie Okada exhibits at the Disseny Hub Barcelona / A-FAD

In the exhibition called "El Japó, País de Contrastos" (Japan, Country of Contrast) Cecilie O presents digital art higlighted with gold hand painting, together with Japanese designers Sadato Kurotake, Megumi Koyama and musician Shusaku Akita. Guest Curator: Jacqueline Teissier Okuma (Jackie & Partners). Read more

Cecilie O pattern and illustration for Pickles the Frog

The popular Japanese character Pickles the Frog enjoys Nordic skiing in product range called "Winter Series". Read more

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