About Cecilie Okada

My Story

I fell in love with pattern design when I moved from Norway to Japan, and it's been a great inspiration for my illustration work. I think many years of illustrating books and other design projects has helped me understand the creative process. If you’re looking for fresh ideas, you need look no further.

I’m a global nomad who has lived in many countries and criss-crossed the globe. The Nordic tradition of a simple, uncluttered look is in my blood, and the lure of elegant Asian design has inspired me for as long as I can remember. All of this has contributed to my own style, along with my daily meditation that fills me with constant wonder.

Professional Background

I have been as a creative professional since 1998, and now in Japan I work freelance with illustration, pattern design and graphic design. In Norway, my design company Okada Design AS specialised in illustration, web- and graphic design. Previously, I worked as an in-house graphic designer.

I have lived in New Zealand, and prior to that, in Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico as a yogi nun where I founded a children’s home and pre-schools in slums and remote villages.


Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, New Zealand.