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I’m Cecilie Okada, a Norwegian illustrator, pattern designer and graphic designer who lives in Japan. I hope this blog will inspire your creativity with watercolor and drawing, and also motivate you to apply my number one creative tool: meditation. Here’s what the blog is about:

Cecilie Okada in her studio


Watercolor Tutorials & Drawing Tutorials

Sharing some of the creative skills I have built over two decades as an illustrator, I enjoy making tutorials to inspire and guide you to develop yours. Drawing and watercolor painting is a true exercise in mindfulness, and the more you learn to use easy techniques, the more you will be able to experience a mindful, creative flow. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Easy waterciolor and drawing tutorials by Cecilie Okada


One Tree Art Club: Free Resources

The watercolor and drawing tutorials come with free resources to make it easy to apply what you learn. In most cases, it's a free line drawing that you can print out. You can trace the line drawing, or paint or color directly on your printout. Some of the video tutorials come with additional color palette & reference photo. The resource library is called One Tree Art Club and it's free to become a member.

Free resources in One Tree Art Club on cecilieo.com/blog
Resources for the red mushroom tutorial include traceable line art, color palettes, reference photo.
In case you wonder; I used a 3D mapping software to put the One Tree Art Club logo on the wet leaf photo. Just for fun.


Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation has been my lifelong friend. I started out as a teenager and I have kept up the twice-daily practice ever since. Meditation is a tool for creativity, inner peace, and spiritual awakening. If you desire these benefits, your best chance of success is developing a daily meditation practice. But most people find this very difficult to achieve. I wrote some blog posts about meditation but then decided I much rather focus on art...The point is- meditation is great for creativity! 

Meditation and mindfulness articles on cecilieo.com/blog
I’m a hobby photographer. This photo is spiced up in Photoshop to illustrate a meditation blog post.


Art Inspiration

I grew up in a house full of old books. Antique books, vintage books, contemporary books. Moving from Japan from Norway, I couldn’t help but drag along boxes of this old stuff. Because it's so beautiful. Many a Sunday has slipped away leafing through pages of these amazing illustrations, typography, and ornamented designs. Some blog posts are about art inspiration from my treasures, but I hope to add more post about other types of art too.

Art inspiration from antique and vintage illustrations. cecilieo.com/blog
A lineup of some of my old book treasures


Illustration & Design

Every now and then, I’m sharing some of my client work as well as personal projects. You can explore more of my client work in the galleries:
Published Illustrations
Print and Pattern Client Work
Pattern samples
And you can read more in the About Cecilie Okada page.

Illustrations for client work by Cecilie Okada
Client artwork. Left, book illustration from 1999 (New Zealand, Germany), the first book I illustrated and still my favorite. Right, recent client illustration for a line of gift products (Japan).