These are some of my clients:

Japan. Asia's largest retailer. Pattern design for product line of 9 kinds of bags, umbrellas and set of apron and potholders. Cecilie O branding.

Arco Design/Arco Store 
Japan. Importer of Scandinavian gift and furnishing brands. Porcelain design as part of asssortment by Scandinavian Pattern Collection. Fabric and stationary. Cecilie O branding.

Nakajima Corporation
Japan. Plush toy and retailing company, primary Sanrio/Hello Kitty partner. Illustration and pattern design for the popular character Pickles the Frog; various consumer products. Cecilie O branding.

Chi Mei Museum
Taiwan. Asia’s largest collection of Western Art. Pattern design for gift shop items. Sumito Corporation
Japan. Online flower shop. Card designs. Cecilie O branding.

Høie of Scandinavia 
Norway. Household name in Norway since 1850. Pattern design for bed linen and blankets.

Cappelen Damm 
Norway’s biggest publisher, since 1829. Illustration for several books. Art calendars, art prints, greeting cards. Graphic design.

Norway. Major publisher in Norway, since 1872. Illustration for book series.

Forma Books 
Sweden. Publishing conglomerate. Art calendar, art prints.

Oslo Universitetssykehus
Joint project between Scandinavia's largest hospital and the Norwegian Ministry of Health. Illustration and design for brochures.

Norway. Major Norwegian food brand. Illustration and design, packaging.

Aktiv Trening
Norway. Fitness centre chain. Web design.

Windpferd Verlag
Germany. Book Publisher. Illustration and design for book with wisdom cards.

AGM Müller
Switzerland. Publisher. Illustration and design for book with wisdom cards.

Findhorn Press
UK. Publisher. Illustration and design for set of wisdom cards.

Norway. International aviation training. Book design, technical illustration, project management, logo.